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tv   Local 12 News at 11  CBS  January 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:20pm EST

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hey, sir? >> i'm going to give him narcan. >> that man was left to die. we are tracking some clouds at this hour. tomorrow our attention turns to warmth. forecast coming up. >> rob: the hillary clinton e-mail scandal is heating up. >> rob: good evening everybody,
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darkest moments there will be at friend to help us. today a man overdosed on heroin and his friend left him for dead. >> reporter: police used narcan and they were able to revive him. they found other drugs on him that's why he is here. he should have been taken to the hospital instead of being dumped in a parking lot. >> reporter: almost immediately police officers thought this man had overdosed. >> for all intents and purposes he was dead.
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2:00 a.m. when they found him. the officers used narcan to revive him. >> it is so heartless to just drop somebody in the parking lot. >> our responsibility it to talk to them about this. >> reporter: she lost her son to an overdose in 2013. she believes discussions about what to do when someone overdoses could save lives. >> if someone you are with overdoses, take the time to call, because it could be you next time. >> reporter: the chief says drping done someone for help won't result in being charged with acrime.
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hospital, doctor facilities but just to dispose of the person like that, it is just so heartless. >> reporter: now again, dropping someone off for help or calling for help will not get you charged with the crime. we have been told that clark is no cooperating with police to helping to identify the person who dumped him there. that personally likely face rob? >> rob: thanks very much. .heroin task force has been asked to look into the case dpp if you know who dump him call crime stoppers. we will know monday who will
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buildings called a knewance. nearly 2,000 code can violations as well. >> we don't have basically no support in the building. our roofs collapsed. we get put out in 6:00 in morning. they said they were going to help us but we are not getting no help. >> more an million dollars of repairs security measures are needed. we tell you who was killed in a crash. they say aaron drifted off the road. both he and his passenger were killed.
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be okay. less than the month into the new year and there has been twice as many people killed as all of last year. the latest came in the residential neighborhood. >> reporter: that section of bond hill was not the hot spot in the neighborhood according to the people who lived there. tonight they saw a lot of police activity and the body laying in the middle of the street. just about the time school was letting out, shots rang out. a man is shot at least five times and left dying. >> you typically do no find this happening on this street in this part of the neighborhood. >> reporter: she lives in the
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violence. she has been the voice in the community since she lost her son. >> it is not something we want to have our children to continue to see. children. >> reporter: police found shell gun. they think the victim was shot in front of an apartment building. they have been trying to reach out to young men before they commitment crimes but they are concerned about the number of homicides. >> last year we were up to three. >> we are the dealing with some of the population that is not shooting now.
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on the lives heres. >> reporter: now at this point police have not released the victim's name or information on the shooters there was some information about a person on the bicycle but investigators were checks into where that person was is the shooter or a potential witnesses. >> rob: thanks very much. tomorrow is the day we've been waiting before. we are excited about the warmer day. scott is in for tim tonight. >> we made it up to 41 today in cincinnati. tomorrow 54 is the forecast high. temperatures will be steady. some clouds early and late into the overnight period. tomorrow, mostly sunny. temperatures roll up through the 30s and into the 40s and 50s late tomorrow morning and into the afternoon.
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cloud cover what late in the day. hardly any cloud cover now rain to track on live precision doppler 12 hd. temperatures for most in the upper 20s. much warmer tomorrow compared to today. we will be above today's high past 10:00 in the morning. even warmer on sunday. we are also tracking rain and potential for some strong storms on tuesday. rob? >> rob: just three days before iowa, the hillary clinton e-mail controversy takes another twist. he up graded some of her e-mails
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as you can imagine republicans went into immediate attack mode. >> if a member of my staff did that they would have been fired. >> rob: class fi indication is reserved for material that would cause damage to national security. and intelligence official says former secretary sf state clinton should have known not to send it. there is new information
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>> rob: two ohio epa workers are on leave because of a water problem in sea bring. the epa apparently found out in october but the community didn't find out until last week.the employees are on leave while the epa conducts an investigation. >> it alternative r turns out north korea might not be bluffing about the hydrogen bomb test. u.s. officials say because of the size of the event, they still don't think it was a full sized bomb but it very well could have been components of one. the blast measured a 5.1
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it was all found in the home of these two. there is jail tonight facing a bunch of charges. a local schools love of trees could get them a whole lot of money. they are in the top ten of the national contest. as brad underwood reports they could be on their way to $10,000. all they need is a little help from you. >> reporter: as they play around the tree behind the school, they celebrate the end of the week but in less than a week they are hoping to get for votes for the video about their favorite tree. the class was studying life sentence. she heard about the video contest. it highlights the importance of
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>> >> the video also listed automatic all the reasons they think trees rock. >> they give us shelter food, paper for school. >> we need to save trees because they give us all our basic necessities like oxygen. >> reporter: only ten advance to the final round. pat terson is one of them but sits 9th into the voting. why should they vote for you guys? >> because we need trees. >> reporter: and if they guf get enough votes, they get $10,000.
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an outdoor classroom not only that we could use but the community could benefit from it's use as well. >> reporter: in millford. >> rob: voting for the contest ends february 7th. you can cast your vote on tomorrow sounds like a pretty good day. >> yeah, if you want sun and warmth i have that for you. nice night for a stroll. it was a little cool especially for the second half of the evening with temperatures dropping down to 30. wind was light tonight and the wind will be relatively light overnight but it will be the out of the south. based on the temperature of 29
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made some changed to the overnight forecast. still clear skas, high clouds early in the overnight and tomorrow morning. temperatures will be nearly steady if not slowly rise nearing sunrise tomorrow. we will be around 30 for the next few hours. you can find updated forecast you can track them on the weather authority app. the atrium medical center weather camera. light wind out of the southwest. the wind will transport warmer air our way. highs will be in the 50s on
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it will still be topping out in the 50s on sunday but with more clouds. there is a potential for seeing stronger storms tuesday night.clear sky wind chill 22. we will take 29 in cincinnati, only up a degree or two in the next couple hours. i mention a moment ago, little to no cloud cover, there are high cloud toss the north and west of the tri-state. cloud also fill in here in the next several hours what developed there will move in tomorrow afternoon. hardly a cloud means no rain or sno to track on live precision doppler 12 hd. some clouds nerl the overnight, then clear skies and more clouds trickle into tomorrow morning.
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clouds really start to fill in because local level moisture will be coming up from the south and southwest. so our forecast calls for a mostly sunny saturday morning, then increases clouds saturday afternoon. partial clearing saturday night. there will be showers moving through. i don't believe that to be the case. however we get the lifting in the valuey showers will develop on sunday. coverage will pick up in the afternoon. again no thunderstorms here, but once we get into the back end of tuesday, rain and storms to our west that will likely be strong will come our way. tonight clear to mostly clear. tomorrow make the run from 48 at noon to 54.
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breezy sunday. 56 the high. this is the time to watch, late tuesday. rain season storms develop late. rain will be widespread. the rain concern with is the
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>> rob: the friday night final
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